Starting point for activities in the Vienna Woods

At the Elisabethwiese seven marked hiking trails converge and several national roads lead past.

We recommend you these hiking routes:

Stadtwanderweg 1 Kahlenberg

Endstelle – rack railway – Beethovengang – Wildgrubgasse – Wildgrube – Sulzwiese – along the mountain road – transmitter Kahlenberg – hut on the way – iron hand – Eisernenhandgasse – Kahlenberger Strasse – Eichelhofweg – Eichelhofstraße – Nußberggasse – Bockkellergasse – terminus of tram line D

Stadtwanderweg 1a

Nussdorf Square – Donaustrand Promenade – Kahlenbergerdorf – Nasenweg – Leopoldsberg –
along the high road to Kahlenberg – Kahlenberger road to the junction Eichelhofweg –
to the north (first field, then forest path) to Waldbachsteig – Kahlenbergerdorf –
Danube beach promenade – Nußdorfer Platz


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